Mtjrplus pricing

No packages, no differences, get all the benefits


$45 / Month

Other platforms

Monthly subscription with limited features

Mobile apps for customers

source code ownership possibility

Custom development possibility

Multiple currencies and languages

Domain control panel

Unlimited products, categories and orders

Shipping and Payement integration

Official emails

Hosting & Bandwidth

Advanced control panel

SSL certificate


Inventory management

Direct customer service


Shipping by Geo zones

Shipping by weight

Shipping per item

Store pickup

Cash on delivery

Bank transfer

Visa Mastercard


Ability to add Custom pages

Customizing store design

Sales & marketing reports

Discount coupons & vouchers

Quick checkout

Frequently asked questions

Is it necessary to buy a special domain for the store?

We offer the domain free of charge with the store and if there is a domain of your own we connect with your store

Can I activate emails on my free domain?

Yes, we support all email service providers. Just contact our technical support after you sign up to guide you with the process of email activation.

Can I have my customers data if I like to close my store?

Yes, you can have your customers data at any time separately and in detail.

What are the technical support channels are available?

Through live chat, email, or using a contact form or WhatsApp

Do mobile apps have a great benefit to the revenues of my business?

Indeed, a large proportion of users make more than 70% of online purchases through mobile applications.

Will my store be stopped when the subscription expires?

We'll notify you by email and the store won't be stopped, but you won't be able to access your store's dashboard until the subscription is renewed.

Are my data secured and confidential?

We encrypt your data with the highest encryption and protection systems while ensuring that your site is available 99.99% of the time.

What sets us apart from competitors?
  • Mobile apps for your customers to view the store's content
  • The ability to own the source code of your store
  • The possibility of private store development
  • Live chat feature in your store
  • Multiple logistics
Where is the company's headquarters?

Headquarters of the company in Riyadh, Al-Malaz district

What's the history of the company?

Tasawk company has been operating in the software development market for more than ten years and we have created more than 5,000 stores.

What are the platform's unique services to the success of stores?

We provide premium services such as integration with the best payment and shipping companies with the cheapest price for shipment and marketing services such as commission marketing and advertising with celebrities

What are the steps to sign up for?

The platform is accessed and click on 'Order now' button then insert all the required data after then we will contact you within 24 hours

Are there ways to teach how to deal with the control panel?

Yes via comprehensive video demonstrate all the steps to deal with the control panel and help you to set up your store easily