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Welcome to «Mtjrplus»:

We have written the Privacy Policy to help you understand how to better deal with your data. The privacy policy may be constantly updated according to technological updates. If a change is made, we will notify you. If you use Mtjrplus after you post these changes, you agree to the modifications.

By subscribing to any of the products or services offered by Mtjrplus or by dealing with a merchant using Mtjrplus Services, you agree to the Privacy Policy and Mtjrplus Terms. The Privacy Policy is a legally binding agreement between you and your customer, employer, Mtjrplus, and its affiliates and services.

Personal information is kept at a high level of security and if any problem or request for information occurs, we will always ask for your consent before using your personal information.

The terms of this agreement apply to all users of "Mtjrplus" platform, including but not limited to: Visitors, customers, partners, members, content contributors and Developers of Mtjrplus platform are all referred to as users, customers, or service buyers.

- "Mtjrplus" platform is not responsible for any violations, financial transfers, products or business transactions that take place on the dedicated store and the store manager is responsible for all commercial and legal transactions.

- Services are not available Provided by "Mtjrplus" platform only to persons who can form legally binding contracts under applicable law, the services are not available to individuals under the age of 18. If you are not eligible, please do not use Mtjrplus services.

- No store has the right to use any product or service that offends Islam or violates Islamic law or to place any content that is immoral or local law of the resident State. In case of violation of this item, "Mtjrplus" platform may immediately stop the store or service without referring to the purchaser of the service without any compensation and "Mtjrplus" platform shall not be liable for any liability resulting from any improper or contrary use of local and international laws.

- the customer of the purchaser or user of the service is obliged not to pay any Payment to non-official accounts of"Mtjrplus" or Cash platform at one of our branches with an official basis to inquire about payment methods Contact our official mail [email protected]

- after the first year, the monthly payment for Mtjrplus Packages is made on the official bank accounts, and the amount of the package is paid in advance on the first month up to the first five days of the month. The BukstPlus staff may terminate the package in case of late payment and delete or retain all customer data for the purpose of acting as a customer backup.

- the customer is required to send a copy of the transfer on the official email to receive the bank transfer photos [email protected] to the official "Mtjrplus" accounts Or through the bank transfer confirmation form on the payment page.

- the Company reserves the right to use the links, store images or a service it provides to its customers in any visual, invisible, digital or non-digital advertising campaign.

- you may not use Mtjrplus Services for any illegal or unauthorized purpose and may not use the Service To violate any laws in your country, or international laws.

- Mtjrplus Platform reserves the right to disable, wipe out or cancel any account, store or service provided to customers for any account that violates the Terms and conditions without prior notice.

"Mtjrplus" platform reserves the ownership of all its services to customers and its design components and programs, and no party has the right to remove any rights to "Mtjrplus" platform except with written permission stamped from"Mtjrplus" platform.

- Mtjrplus Platform reserves the right to terminate any account, whether free or paid. Carries incorrect names, addresses, or contact information without refund or compensation.

- Support services are provided by contacting official communications at team appointments.

- The use of "Mtjrplus" platform to spread hate speech or racism against any individual, group, country, class, sex, religion, language. In any way without exception.

- it is prohibited to withdraw or attempt to withdraw pages, sites or stores not under the management of the platform outside Mtjrplus platform or to manipulate codes from any party except with the written permission stamped and signed by Mtjrplus Platform.

- Mtjrplus platform does not offer a refund policy The amounts or payments transferred are always made in advance and it is difficult to return the amount to the customer, except where Mtjrplus Platform makes written statements of the possibility of refunds.

- the customer must complete the registration form to use the Services.the customer is required to provide correct, accurate, current and complete information as required in the registration form. We will update the information to keep it updated periodically.

- the customer is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality and security of their account, passwords, files and all uses of the customer's account.

- "Mtjrplus" platform reserves the right to refuse to register or cancel the accounts it deems inappropriate.

- Mtjrplus platform apologizes for providing any technical support in the event of removing special development rights, using third party technical support services or modifying the customer service programming files without consulting the technical support team of Mtjrplus platform.

- customers who do not want to Automatically renew their contributions to notify the technical support team at least one week prior to renewal to avoid unwanted payments.

- modify or customize the design only with the options available in the customer's custom control panel and pre-built templates, and payment for the first month of subscription is an approval of all those templates and options Available on the control panel.

- Technical support services are provided only by email, live conversations, mobile and affiliation.

- additional third-party services, including but not limited to the combined number, Celebrity advertising, and mobile messages are governed by the rules and laws of the providers of these services.

- Service buyers are obliged to sign agreements, open accounts, complete procedures, Payment of any fees or costs for the submission or provision of any required papers from service providers by any third party, including but not limited to, shipping or payment companies, banks or international companies providing application store services such as Apple Store and Google Store.

- the injured person in any of "Mtjrplus" business is strictly prohibited on public and non-public squares on the Internet or otherwise because he is considered an explicit autopsy, and "Mtjrplus" has the right to cancel all transactions immediately by the customer who is offending after being notified. Transfer of the order to legal matters to protect the moral and material rights of the first party.

- Service buyers are committed to making agreements, opening accounts, completing procedures, Pay any fees or costs for providing or providing any required paperwork from third-party service providers such as shipping or payment companies, banks or international companies providing app store services such as Apple Store and Google Store to complete the application lift within a maximum period of 90 days from the date it began Agreement to complete links or lift applications and if late there may be additional charges.

- maintaining your account password is your responsibility. We are not responsible for losing your password or being unable to maintain it. You are responsible for all activities and content of your account that have been raised in Mtjrplus.

- your store will not be used for any illegal business or the transfer of any malicious files or viruses. Remember that once a defect occurs, your account will be canceled and you will be contacted by email.

- Disputes concerning the services of Mtjrplus are resolved by a third party that is not in any way connected with either party or the employees of either party. The Parties acknowledge that disputes which cannot be resolved by third parties are dealt with by the specialized and relevant Saudi courts on the subject of dispute.

By uploading your store content you acknowledge that:

- you allow Internet viewers to watch your store's content

- allow the Plus Store to store and view your store's contents

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